Overnight on the night of the 2-3 August 2018, changes will be made to traffic movements on Ringway Road as we progress the works at the tie-in between Ringway Road and the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road (A6MARR).

As shown on the below plan, from the 3rd  August for a period of approximately four weeks:

  • Ringway Road will be closed to westbound traffic from immediately west of the Shadowmoss Road junction. Westbound traffic bound for the Airport and beyond will be transferred on the new A6MARR.
  • Ringway Road will remain open to eastbound traffic from the Airport to Styal Road.
  • Ringway Road will remain open to two-way traffic between Styal Road and Shadowmoss Road.
  • Temporary traffic lights will be in operation at the Styal Road/ A6MARR junction to control traffic movements onto and off the A6MARR.

Temporary Traffic Arrangements from 3rd August for Approximately 4 Weeks

Following this four week period, Ringway Road will also be closed to eastbound traffic from west of the Shadowmoss Road junction, with the A6MARR being used for eastbound traffic from and westbound traffic to the Airport and the M56, as will be the case once the A6MARR opens in full (planned for late summer this year).  Until the completion of the installation of the permanent traffic lights, temporary traffic lights will be in operation at the Styal Road/ A6MARR junction.

The temporary traffic management arrangements have been developed to keep disruption to a minimum while the A6MARR works progress and access to properties will be maintained at all times. We thank you in advance for your patience during this time.

Details of the permanent traffic arrangement s following the completion of the A6MARR are shown in the plan below. 

Permanent Traffic Arrangements Following Completion of A6MARR

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