SEMMMS Strategy

South East Multi-Modal Strategy – 2018 Public Consultation

From Monday 21st May 2018, through to Monday 2nd July 2018, we want to hear your views on the draft SEMMM Strategy document – more details on how you can contribute are provided on this page.

Original South East Multi-Modal Manchester Strategy

The South-East Manchester Multi-Modal (SEMMM) Strategy is a 20 year strategy covering an area to the south east of Manchester including parts of Cheshire East, Derbyshire, Stockport and Tameside local authority areas.

The strategy was developed to help deliver the following benefits for the area, and had the following aims:

  • To improve public transport
  • To improve the use of road space
  • To encourage transport change
  • To encourage urban regeneration
  • To improve highways

In Spring 2001, the SEMMM Strategy was accepted by the Government.

Since then the local authorities within and surrounding the Strategy area – Cheshire East, Derbyshire, Manchester, Stockport and Tameside, together with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) – have been working hard to deliver the various elements of the strategy.

Refreshing the strategy


The local authorities within the SEMMM Strategy area and TfGM are currently working together to refresh the strategy, to look ahead to 2040.

Since the original study was published, a lot of has been achieved. This includes the opening of the Alderley Edge bypass, bus priority measures along the A6, the Poynton Shared Space scheme, and the construction of the A6 Manchester Airport Relief Road (A6MARR) which is due to open to traffic in late summer 2018. This strategy refresh is needed now to take account of how travel behaviours have changed, as well as traffic and land use growth and the spatial planning decisions which are currently being prepared and which will impact on the Strategy area in the future.

Issues and Options Paper Consultation

At an earlier stage in the SEMMMS refresh process, Stockport and Cheshire East Council’s both completed public consultation about the transport issues which have an impact within the SEMMM Strategy area. The consultation papers also asked for views on a possible range of scheme options. Consultations ran between the following dates:

  • Stockport: 21st August to 8th October 2017 (note: alongside Stockport Local Plan consultation).
  • Cheshire East: 14th March to 12th April 2018

The two consultations were at the same stage of the SEMMM Strategy development, albeit during different times to suit the local requirements of the local authorities.

Each local authority produced a report on their Issues and Options consultation, which can be accessed via the links below:

The comments and views collected from those consultations have all been reviewed and used to inform the development of the draft Strategy.

Draft Full Strategy for Public Consultation

The public consultation is now open for a 6 week period – Monday 21st May 2018, through to Monday 16th July 2018 – and we are keen to hear your views.

The draft Strategy presents an updated Vision and Objectives for the strategy area, and suggested package of schemes, covering all different transport modes. We believe this is the investment needed to deliver a high-quality transport system for our residents, and which can help to sustain our growth ambitions for the area.

The draft strategy identifies eight strategic priorities which we feel are the most important areas to focus on, as well as early priorities which are the initial measures we are suggesting are taken forward through the Strategy. We welcome your views on these.

Copies of the draft strategy and key messages can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Have Your Say

You can have your say on the draft strategy by completing our online questionnaire which can be accessed online here.

The questionnaire will be available until 16th July 2018.

Consultation Events

As part of the consultation, there will be the opportunity to attend drop-in sessions across the strategy area and meet with staff to learn more about the Strategy in face-to-face discussions. The programme of events taking place is as below.

  • Thursday 24th May – Poynton: ** Location Poynton Civic Hall,  2-7pm
  • Tuesday 29th May – Marple:  Location St Martins Parish Church Meeting Hall, 4:30-8pm
  • Wednesday 30th May – Disley: ** Location Disley Community Centre, 2-7pm
  • Thursday 31st May – Cheadle:  Location The Upper Room at St Mary’s Church, 4-8pm
  • Thursday 31st May – Handforth: ** Location Honford Hall, 2-7pm
  • Friday 1st June – Bredbury: Location Bredbury Library, 1:30-6pm
  • Monday 11th June – Reddish:  Location Houldsworth Sports Village Meeting Room, 5-8pm
  • Thursday 14th June – Bramhall:  Location Bramhall Library Community Room, 3-7pm
  • Monday 18th June – Macclesfield:  Location Macclesfield Town Hall, 2-7pm
  • Tuesday 19th June – Stockport town centre: Location: Central Library, 12 noon – 4:30pm
  • Wednesday 20th June – Wilmslow: Location Wilmslow Library, 2-7pm
  • Wednesday 20th June – Hazel Grove:  Location Hazel Grove Civic Centre, 4-8pm
  • Thursday 21st June – Wythenshawe:  Location Forum Centre, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5RX, 12-5pm
  • Monday 25th June – New Mills:  Location Springbank Arts Centre, 4-7:30pm
  • Thursday 28th June – High Lane:  Location High Lane Village Hall, Windlehurst Road, 3-8pm

KEY: ** – denotes consultation drop-in event is shared with Cheshire East Council’s Local Transport Plan consultation event.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information provides some information about the most frequently asked questions about the SEMMM Strategy refresh.

What is the SEMMM Strategy?
The SEMMM Strategy is a Transport Strategy for the area south east of Manchester, covering the borough of Stockport, the northern extent of Cheshire East, and parts of Derbyshire and south Manchester.

Why is the SEMMM Strategy being refreshed now?
The original SEMMM strategy was developed around the turn of the millennium, and was therefore based on how people were travelling at the time and how the transport system helped them to do that. Many things have changed since this, and it is therefore only right that the Strategy is now refreshed to ensure it continues to support the needs and aspirations of local people and businesses.

Who has developed the SEMMM Strategy refresh?
The SEMMM Strategy Refresh has been developed by transport consultants Atkins (a member of SNC-Lavalin), working in close partnership with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and Cheshire East Council. Transport for Greater Manchester has also been engaged as a lead stakeholder with supporting engagement with neighbouring local authorities (Tameside MBC, High Peak BC Derbyshire CCC, Manchester CC, Manchester Airport and Peak District National Park Authority) and Highways England.

How does this consultation differ from the Issues and Options consultation already completed?
The Strategy refresh is being developed in stages. The Issues and Options consultation was designed to identify and get public opinion on the main issues, challenges and opportunities within the Strategy area. The views expressed during this consultation have all been reviewed, and have helped us to better understand the problems people face on a daily basis as they travel around the Strategy area.

The comments have been used to inform the development of the full Strategy document. A draft of the full Strategy is now the subject of this public consultation.

How does Cheshire East’s update to their Local Transport Plan (LTP) relate to the SEMMM Strategy refresh?
Cheshire East’s Local Transport Plan (LTP) is a policy framework for how transport will support wider policies to improve the economy, protect the environment and make attractive places to live, work and play in Cheshire East. The LTP outlines the role transport will play in supporting the long-term goals of the complete Cheshire East district. Further information on the Cheshire East LTP can be found on the Cheshire East Council website.

The SEMMM Strategy is a collaboration between Cheshire East Council and Stockport Council alongside partners, looking in greater detail at transport in the north of Cheshire East and the cross-boundary transport challenges faced by people living in both districts. The LTP and the SEMMM Strategy both provide a framework for strategic transport schemes benefitting Cheshire East.

How does the Strategy update take account of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF)?
Throughout the development of the Strategy refresh, we have been engaged with the planning process for GMSF.

The draft Strategy is a strategic-level plan, with development assumptions in Greater Manchester based around the 2016 GMSF draft plan. We are aware that a revised version of GMSF is being developed and is due for release in summer 2018. We will be reviewing the draft SEMMM Strategy at this time to ensure that any material changes to the GMSF are reflected in the SEMMM Strategy. This review will be completed prior to the SEMMM Strategy being finalised.

How does the Strategy refresh take account of the future opening of the A6 Manchester Airport Relief Road (A6MARR)?
SEMMM Strategy is a strategic-level transport plan for the future. We have developed the Strategy refresh to build upon a network where the A6MARR scheme is completed and fully open to traffic. We have considered the re-distribution of traffic flow which is anticipated when the new road opens, based on traffic model forecasts produced to secure funding for that scheme. This work also considers Poynton Relief Road as a committed and completed transport scheme.

Where can I find details of the proposed A6 to M60 Relief Road scheme?
Stockport Council have been reviewing this scheme during 2017/18. This work included a review of the business case and the development of a Strategic Outline Business Case. More information on this proposal has been published via the A6 to M60 page of the SEMMMS website.

The draft SEMMM Strategy proposes business case development work continues, taking full account and consideration of the potential economic, safety, social and environmental impacts which could be generated by its construction. Through the Issues and Options consultation stage, we recognise there are strong local opinions both in support and in opposition to the proposal. Inclusion in the draft SEMMM Strategy signifies that Stockport Council continues to consider this to be a potentially valuable scheme and that work to develop a robust business case should be continued. This business case would then be subject to detailed scrutiny.

Where can I find details of the proposed High Lane-Disley Relief Road scheme?
At this stage, no route assessment has been undertaken. To understand the potential traffic benefits of such a scheme, an indicative alignment was proposed running to the North of High Lane and Disley, tying into the proposed A6 to M60 Relief Road in the West and terminating to the west of Newtown (within the Cheshire Boundary on the A6) at the West.

If this scheme is prioritised as part of the final SEMMMS Strategy, further development work (including working with Derbyshire and High Peak) will be required before any route options can be consulted on with the public.

How long does the consultation period last?
The consultation will be open for 8 weeks, closing at midnight on Monday 16th July 2018.

How can I be involved in the consultation process?
We welcome comments through the online questionnaire we have developed. The questionnaire can be accessed here.

You are also invited to join us at one of our public consultation events being held across the area to review the draft Strategy document and discuss the draft Strategy face-to-face with members of the team. The dates for these events are provided on this page in the consultation events section.

What will happen after the consultation period closes?
We will be taking all of the comments and feedback provided and reviewing them. We will then update the Strategy where appropriate, and publish a final SEMMM Strategy, which we expect to be before the end of 2018.

If you require any further information about the consultation, please email our team on either of the addresses below:

Delivery of the SEMMMS Strategy

As part of the Local Transport Plan process, the project team has reported on the progress of the SEMMM Strategy since its original publication in 2001. Relevant chapters of these reports are available below. The documents are all related to the delivery and implementation of the 2001 SEMMM Strategy and are not related to the 2018 Refresh, or the public consultation currently being undertaken.

SEMMMS Implementation Plan (PDF 519kb)
SEMMMS Implementation Plan 2004 PDF 2.91mb)
South East Manchester Multi Modal Strategy – Chapter 8 (PDF 438kb)
South East Manchester Multi Modal Study – Chapter 3 (PDF 213kb)
South East Manchester Multi-Modal Strategy Progress Report 2006 to 2008 (PDF 1.86mb)
South East Manchester Multi-Modal Strategy Progress Report 2008 (PDF 3.63mb)