Cheshire East Council is working with Stockport Council and Transport for Greater Manchester to identify solutions to traffic and travel problems experienced by residents in the north of the borough.

The public now have the opportunity to give their views on proposed solutions through a two-phased public consultation beginning this week.

With large numbers of commuters travelling into and out of the borough, the three public bodies – together with other stakeholders and partners – will work together to refresh the South East Manchester Multi Modal Strategy (SEMMMS), first produced in 2001 with an intended lifespan of 20 years.

The two councils, plus TfGM, will build on the original SEMMMS strategy to prioritise new proposals for improving connectivity between the north of the borough into and out of Greater Manchester.

A major feature of the original SEMMMS was the Manchester Airport relief road, which is currently being built, alongside Poynton Relief Road – which is being progressed by Cheshire East Council.

Funding was also used to deliver improvements to bus, pedestrian and cycling facilities.

Fresh proposals will seek to address the added pressures on commuter routes as a result of additional housing and population growth and will extend the multi-modal strategy, up to 2040. These proposals will also be incorporated within a new local transport plan for Cheshire East.

Frank Jordan, Cheshire East Council executive director of place, said: “The council is conscious of the day-to-day travel problems experienced by our residents living in the north of the borough.

“We also appreciate that many people travelling into the borough, experience the same problems due chiefly to the volume of traffic generated and the lack of sufficient road capacity and gaps in public transport.

“The original SEMMMS strategy was successful in securing significant government funding to address this key transport issue.  Given this success and the emerging plans for additional development across the border in Greater Manchester, the time is now right to review what our future transport priorities should be.

“This consultation is an opportunity for our residents to give us their thoughts and feedback.  We hope that as many people as possible will take advantage of this opportunity.”

The consultation will be held in two stages – the first is to ensure all of the key issues and options for improvement have been captured.

The consultation begins on Wednesday (14 March 2018) and a drop-in event will take place at Poynton Civic Hall on 27 March (3pm–8pm).

From 14 March 2018, members of the public can also respond via an online questionnaire at:

Comments received after 12 April will not be included in the consultation process.

The second stage of the consultation will run in tandem with Stockport Council and will seek views on which schemes should be prioritised.

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