A number of final reports are being considered over the coming weeks as Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire councils seek approval on the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road Scheme and the submission of the planning application.

The first of the reports from Stockport Council is the results and analysis of the second phase of public consultation which took place between June 3rd and July 19th 2013.

The report gives detailed information about the consultation and provides a thorough overview of the responses received. It highlights the key topics and issues raised during the consultation process as well as the project team’s response to those issues in developing the preferred scheme.

This second phase of consultation focussed on the detail of the scheme, including proposed landscaping, rights of way and detailed design at specific junctions.

As part of the report, the project team has shown what changes have been made to the scheme as a result of feedback from the public and on-going design and development work.

Changes have included further measures to reduce the noise and visual impacts of the scheme, with additional fencing, low noise surfacing, lowering road levels and extending earth mounds. Where possible, the road was moved further from residential properties and proposals have been developed to meet the needs of other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The Scheme, which will be presented to Stockport’s Executive Members, comprises:

A new dual carriageway, approximately 10km long, connecting the A6 to Manchester Airport and incorporating the existing A555.

Seven new junctions and four improved junctions.

Four rail crossings in the new sections: Hazel Grove to Buxton Line, West Coast Mainline, Styal Line and the Styal Line Northern Airport Spur.

A pedestrian and cycle route for the whole length of the scheme, including the 4km existing section of A555.

Other associated reports seek approval for making compulsory purchase orders, side road orders and public rights of way changes. Members are also requested to support the protection of the proposed alignment for the entire SEMMMS Relief Road. This includes approving negotiations with the Highways Agency for the local authorities to take ownership of land for the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road, A6 to M60 and Poynton bypass phases of the scheme.

The reports will be considered by Stockport’s Executive Members on Tuesday October 1st.

Cheshire East and Manchester are also due to take reports for approval in October.  If approved, a planning application will be submitted at the end of October 2013.

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