A series of photomontages to show how the current emerging preferred scheme might look once opened have been produced.

The photomontages have been created from camera locations in residential areas across the length of the scheme.  At each camera location the photomontages show:

  • The existing view, as of winter 2012/ 2013
  • An indicative view of the emerging preferred scheme during the winter of the year when the scheme is first opened, referred to as Year 0
  • An indicative view of the emerging preferred scheme during the winter 15 years from the scheme opening, referred to as Year 15.

The purpose of the Year 15 photomontage is to show an indicative view once the landscaping introduced as part of the scheme has become established. At some locations, the landscaping proposed as part of the scheme landscaping is not visible, therefore, there will be little difference in the views at Year 0 and Year 15. At these locations, the photomontage with the scheme in place will be labelled Year 0/ 15.

Please be aware that the photomontage images were created for the purposes of display at the Local Liaison Forums held in May 2013, based on April 2013 Design Freeze.

The Photomontages have been created by the SEMMMS team using methodology as stipulated by the Landscape Institute (LI) Advice note 01/11 Landscape Institute – Photography and Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.

No part of the images may be copied without written permission from the SEMMMS Team.

The location of the photomontages is shown in the Photomontage Location Plan (PDF 5.31Mb).

The Photomontage Location Plan should be viewed in conjunction with the individual location plans shown on each photomontage to identify the direction of the camera.

1 Within field boundary adjacent to rear garden of property on Cranleigh Drive

2 Rear garden of property on Buxton Road overlooking field

3 Within main field off Mill Lane and Millbrook Fold

4 Rear garden of property on Darley Road overlooking field

5 View over field from back garden on Longnor Road

6 Footpath (east side) London Road North at old mile marker (Stockport 4 miles)

7 Rear garden on Mill Hill Hollow

8 Rear garden of property on Woodford Road looking onto field

9 Junction of Lower Park Road/ Woodford Road

10 Opposite Distaff Farm entrance

11 Opposite access to Oil Terminal, Chester Road

12 Footpath to rear of property on Albany Road

14 Opposite side of hedge to boundary of property on Jenny Lane

16 Footpath to the rear of barn, Yew Tree Farm

17 Roadside opposite property on Clay Lane, looking on to field

18 (a) Field boundary off Styal Road, opposite Boundary Farm

18 (b) Field to the rear of Beech Farm

19 (a) Track at the end of Tedder Drive

19 (b) Inside gate to field behind Shadow Moss Farm

20 Junction of Glastonbury/ Lindisfarne Drive

21 Lower Park Road track (inside field) gate

22 Boundary of rear garden/ golf course off Chester Road

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