Carillion Morgan Sindall and Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire East Councils are committed to ensuring the safety of the local communities during the construction the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road.

We recognise that children and young people can be inquisitive around construction sites and this can lead to them potentially placing themselves and others in danger.

With the school Christmas holidays about to start, we want to encourage parents and carers to reinforce our eight golden rules of staying safe around the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road construction site to their children.

Our eight golden rules are:

  1. Construction sites look exciting and fun to play in but they can be very dangerous places. Workers driving along could easily miss seeing a small child wandering into the area, and a large vehicle poses extreme danger.
  2. You must always read and follow safety signs – they are there to keep YOU safe!
  3. Earthworks will be taking place which will mean holes or different ground levels. Always take care underfoot.
  4. In the event that you find exposed cabling this should not be touched, as doing this could result in Electrocution.
  5. Site machinery and tools can be very dangerous; these should only be operated by trained professionals.
  6. People working on construction sites are properly trained and wear protective clothing to stay safe.
  7. If you would like to know more about any construction work in your area, you must make sure you ask a responsible adult to help you find out, instead of trying to find out yourself.
  8. You should NEVER enter a construction site without a responsible adult and the correct protective clothing.
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