Traffic management is required during the course of the construction of the Styal Road junction to create the working room needed allow the works to progress safely.  Temporary traffic lights were planned to be in place for an initial period of five weeks, however, following a review the temporary traffic lights are now planned to be in place until August 2018.  By leaving the temporary  traffic lights in operation, we are able to complete the works more efficiently and reduce the overall duration of the works. We apologise for delays to your journeys while the temporary traffic lights are in place.

We have worked to keep delays caused by the temporary traffic lights to a minimum and have modified the set-up of the traffic lights during the course of their operation to best manage traffic flows. When the traffic lights were initially installed, they operated as two-way meaning that the Jet Parks car park access was not controlled by traffic signals. In response to feedback about delays exiting the car park, the traffic management was modified so that the car park access was also controlled traffic lights. The three-way traffic lights brought an improvement to traffic flows at the car park but it was clear that improvement to traffic flows on Styal Road itself was also required, which this traffic management arrangement didn’t best address. Therefore, working with Transport for Greater Manchester, permanent traffic lights at the Ringway Road/ Styal Road have been taken over as part of the temporary traffic management on Styal Road which allows traffic on Styal Road to be better controlled, with the intention of reducing overall delays through the roadworks. The feedback we have received is that traffic flows have improved with in its current arrangement.

We appreciate that the traffic lights are still causing delays through the area and working with Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and Manchester Airport, we will continue to review traffic management on Styal Road as the works progress  and will remove the temporary traffic signals when it is safe to do during the construction.


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