Plans and Drawings - Emerging Preferred Scheme

The A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road Phase 2 Consultation Summary Document (PDF 3.01Mb) provides further information about key issues relating to the scheme.

On this page you will find a range of plans and drawings, relating to the Phase 2 Consultation Summary Document, which will provide you with more detailed information about the emerging preferred scheme design.

A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road full scheme map (PDF 4.37Mb)

Detailed drawings of the scheme

More detailed drawings of the emerging preferred scheme can be found below. The drawings available include:

  • Technical drawings of the emerging preferred scheme showing how the scheme has changed since the Phase 1 consultation
  • Cross sections drawings of the scheme at specific locations
  • Landscape and ecology  mitigation drawings
  • Public Rights of Way proposals drawings

The detailed drawings are grouped by the areas illustrated in the key plan (PDF 5.14Mb).

Please be aware that the plans presented here are indicative at this stage and are subject to change following the outcome of the Phase 2 consultation on the emerging preferred scheme.

Western Section of the Emerging Preferred Scheme – Ringway Road, Wythenshawe to B5358 Wilmslow Road, Handforth

Section 1: Wythenshawe (Ringway Road, Wythenshawe to West of Trenchard Drive/ B5166 Styal Road, Wythenshawe)

Includes: Ringway Road, Shadowmoss Road.

Section 2: Wythenshawe to Heald Green (east of Shadowmoss Road, Wythenshawe  to west of Bolshaw Road, Heald Green)

Includes: Tedder Drive, B5166 Styal Road Junction, New Hall Avenue, Drayton Drive.

Section 3: Heald Green to Handforth (Bolshaw Road, Heald Green  to west of Tatton Road, Handforth)

Includes: Bolshaw Road, Davies Avenue, Clay Lane, B5358 Wilmslow Road Junction.

Existing A555 – east of Wilmslow Road, Handforth to A5102 Woodford Road, Bramhall

Including shared-use cycleway / footway proposed as part of the emerging preferred scheme.

Section 4: Handforth to Cheadle (East of Spath Lane, Handforth to West of Spath Lane East, Cheadle)

Includes: A34/ Stanley Road Junction, A555/ A34 Junction.

Section 5: Cheadle to Bramhall (Spath Lane East, Cheadle to Syddal Green, Bramhall)

Includes: Hall Moss Lane.

Section 6: Bramhall (Eskdale Avenue, Bramhall to Sydney Road, Bramhall)

Includes: A5102 Woodford Road, Bramhall Junction, Jenny Lane, Abany Road, Meadway.

Eastern Section of the Emerging Preferred Scheme – east of A5102 Woodford Road, Bramhall to A6, Hazel Grove

Section 7: Bramhall to Poynton (east of Woodford Road to West Coast Mainline crossing, Poynton)

Includes: Meadway, Chester Road Link Junction, West Coast Mainline Crossing.

Section 8: Poynton to Hazel Grove (West Coast Mainline, Poynton to Mill Hill Hollow, Hazel Grove)

Includes: West Coast Mainline crossing, Woodford Road (Poynton), Lower Park Crescent, Lower Park Road, Easby Close, Glastonbury Drive.

Section 9: Hazel Grove west (Chester Road  to Old Mill Lane, Hazel Grove)

Includes: Mill Hill Hollow, Chester Road, Wensley Drive, Malton Drive, Longnor Road, Sheldon Road, Macclesfield Road Junction, Ashbourne Road, Darley Road, London Road North, Towers Road.

Section 10: Hazel Grove east (Ashbourne Road, Hazel Grove to A6, Hazel Grove)

Includes: Darley Road, Ashbourne Road, Millbrook Fold, Old Mill Lane, Buxton Road, A6 Junction, Norbury Hollow Road.

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